sigil fund

private investment fund
investing in cryptocurrencies,
decentralized projects and digital assets

Managed by crypto professionals

We are active in crypto space from 2015. We built several crypto projects and we are early investors in projects such as Monero and Ethereum.

Apart from crypto, members of our team have rich backgrounds:

  • stocks and derivatives markets
  • angel and VC investing
  • mathematics and data science
  • executive level management
  • serial entrepreneurship
  • tax and legal advisory

Why invest in crypto

Cryptocurrencies and blockchain will keep disrupting our society through decentralisation, open source ethos and permissionless innovation. 

Decentralized crypto-networks will change the way we:

  • deal with money and finance
  • transfer value and trust
  • conduct contracts
  • organize data 
Our investment approach combines quantitative data analysis with deep fundamental research.

Our values


We believe in putting skin in the game.
All our team members are personally invested in our crypto portfolio.


We protect our funds using best opsec practices. Freeze wallets, dedicated hardware, multisig access and other measures.


We frequently post our analysis
and research. Investors have 24/7 access to information via our Crypkit app.

2019 Net Performance (EUR): 69%

Please remember that past performance may not be indicative of future results. This chart is powered by



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