sigil fund

private investment scheme
investing in open blockchain protocols
  crypto assets and decentralized applications

Four segments of disruption

1. Crypto Money = digital store of value and currencies
2. DeFi = decentralized financial protocols and services
3. Web3 = trustless web infrastructure and data ownership
4. Governance = innovations leading to Democracy 2.0 and scalable cooperation with aligned incentives

By disrupting industries relying on centralized trusted parties, open blockchain networks will unlock previously unimaginable ways of social and economic interactions. 

We find the best opportunities to invest in this paradigm shift. Our strategy combines quantitative analysis, deep fundamental research and harnessing technical dividend from active network participation.

What are crypto assets

  • New asset class – emerging from the innovation started by Bitcoin
  • Uncorrelated – no price correlation with stocks, bonds, real estate
  • Hedge – against economic turmoil (like gold) and bet on technological revolution driven by blockchain 
  • Programmable – thanks to smart contracts we can program economic incentives and other properties into these assets

How do crypto assets capture value?

  1. Have properties that make them good store of value (deflationary, scarce, private, secure)
  2. Bear claim on protocol cash flow (fee distribution or “mint and burn” mechanics) and can be valued using DCF
  3. Incentivize investors to actively participate in the network (staking / run infrastructure / provide liquidity)

We are actively managing balanced portfolio of crypto assets that provide exposure to emerging blockchain and crypto innovations with high yield potentia

Our values


We believe in putting skin in the game.
All our team members are personally invested in our portfolio.


We protect our funds using best practices. Freeze wallets, dedicated hardware, multisig access and licensed custodian.


24/7 access to reporting via our portfolio management system We publish our research and performance.

2020 Net Performance (EUR): +286%

Please remember that past performance may not be indicative of future results. This chart is powered by



Crypkit – portfolio management system, reporting and accounting toolbox for crypto traders, investors and businesses.


Ramparts – legal and professional services for fintech, blockchain and cryptocurrency industry in Gibraltar


Prémery – investment, research and education company focusing on blockchain, DLT and cryptocurrencies in Argentina

Zee Prime

Zee Prime Capital – VC / Family Office, investing in crypto-assets and startups harnessing collaborative intelligence.


Progressbar – hackerspace and coworking hub, focused on crypto and blockchain, located in downtown Bratislava


DAM – licensed custodian and OTC broker for crypto assets, based and regulated in Gibraltar. Our choice for custody and OTC services.